Piggy Granny Mod – Supree Na

When I Am in the room you start with, as usual, I would drop the vase, and granny isn’t there, when I go to the basement, SHES STILL AT THE BASEMENT. And there is Spongebob All Around The Texture Of The Walls, When this is Supposed to be Based on a Roblox Piggy Horror Game, No Hate on Spongebob, But He Should Not be in this game, when this is Supposed to be about a Roblox Piggy Horror Game, and another thing that a disapprove Of is that Granny does not follow you Correctly in this game. Unlike Granny, She Follows you Perfectly. It’s like The Granny in this Game is Not functioning Right. One thing that I like about this game is Granny, I love that the Developer of this game make Granny look like Piggy, She’s Built Perfectly, But she does not Function Correctly. I would Approve this game, if these things that bother me, are being Fixed.