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Pick Monsters is a social gaming platform which allows anyone to compete with other players in multi-player competitions, competing to show their knowledge by predicting outcomes of various sporting events.

Pick Monsters lets everyone pick the outcome of sports challenges in a unique entry form and earn points for every pick they make. Correct picks earn everyone positive points but incorrect picks well earn negative points.

The object of the game is to have the best score in the competition and to be on top of the leaderboard and earn the first prize PM coins.

Didn’t win? Don’t lose hope!

With Pick Monsters, 15%-20% of the players in every competition earn PM coins based on the leaderboard ranking.

Every competition has a unique prize pool and payout structure based on the entry fee (using PM coins) and a number of entrants.

Anyone can register to any competition using PM coins, pick the outcome of all the challenges, submit the entry form and wait for the real games to conclude.

Anyone can play in multiple competitions based on an entry fee and formats (MTT, Sit & Go, Head to Head), European football leagues, UEFA cups and world cup matches.

Pick Monsters combines sports and predictions based on knowledge and experience around real sports events as football, basketball, tennis, American football, rugby and more, and gives the ability to bet and win. It provides the best elements from social games like poker, fantasy sports, and traditional sports betting.

So what are you waiting for? Download the APP for free and join the fun and action!

– Free to play
Easy and free on-line gaming sports platform. This is an awesome opportunity to experience and play with friends or peers all over the world without risking any real money.

– Real matches
Play on UEFA champions league, English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Europa League. Many more leagues and sports are coming soon.

– Live scores
Anyone can follow the live scoreboard for all the matches after being registered for a competition. Follow it live from anywhere at anytime.

– Virtual Currency – PM coins
Safe and risk-free sports betting. No need to risk any real money playing Pick Monsters. Just use our PM coins to buy into every competition.

– Balance and History
Everyone can follow their individual competition play history for up to 3 months using the history tab. everyone can track their balance at any point on every screen. Everyone can check PM coins in play and possible winnings at any time through the shop tab.

– Earn PM coins
Coming soon

– In APP Purchases
No PM coins left? No problem! Everyone can buy PM coins at any point through our shop in special value packages.