Physicalogica – Kosuke Oki


The game is decided before the start.
That is the law of this world.
If the battle begins, you can not help but become a simple bystander.

Victory was accumulated in hundreds of millions
A precise process, that is,
The definition of this world equally affecting all things, physical
Inevitable to bring.

Please show me the Fisical scenery you draw.

【how to play】
How to play is very easy!
Drag and drop the character at the desired position
Just go to the match!
In case
A place appeared at the place where I placed it, time on time
It will fight automatically!
In case
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【Official Twitter】
@ FigicaLogica
In case
If you can take a hot battle or an interesting fight, # post a tag of Phyziroji and post it!
In addition, update information etc. are posted any time from here on occasion
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Q. How do you play?

How to play is simple! Just place the character as you like and press the battle button!

And the characters will fight on my own!

Q. What is a rank point?

It is a point to compete for rank within the league.
Increase with victory in random battle, decrease in defeat.
In addition, if it is over a certain point, you can take the league promotion exam!

Q. Is there anything good to make characters appear late?

A time bonus is given to the status, and it gets a little stronger!
But be careful as you may be attacked in a stroke by the appearance of the character!

Q. How do characters grow up?

Characters that let you sing in a random battle get experience value!

Complete victory> Victory> In order of defeat you will gain much experience value!

Also, if you let two or more of the same character sortie you, you can get more by that much!

Q. What happens if I become a league promotion?

More enemies are waiting!

Since the total cost increases, the number of characters to be attacked increases

Also the strategy will change!

I will get more experience points!

Q. What is the value of skill?
If you win the same skill, you can reach up to 99 plus values.

It is a plus value and the strength is corrected.
Q. I’d like to battle with my friends.
You can tell if you type ID in the layout edit screen and tell me the ID in the upper right!