Access your account from your iPhone or iPad. is a cloud-based virtual mail and business address service. Travelers, students, military personnel or anyone who would like to access their postal mail via their computer or smart-phone can leverage the virtual mail service. Business clients can set up a virtual business address by using one of the premium physical address locations to set up a Corporation, set up an LLC, market their company, attract international clientèle and maintain privacy.

Current iOS features:

Feature List:
* View Envelope List
* View Folders
* View Envelope Details
* Supported Envelope Actions: Mark as Read, Mark as Unread, Request Content Scan, Trash Item, Shred Item, Remove Item from Shred, Remove from Trash, Download Content and View Content
* Push Notifications for New Envelopes and New Content Scans

This app does not currently support the following functions: Forwarding Mail, Adding Users, Adding Recipients, Adding Forwarding Addresses, Check Deposit Processing and Modify Billing. To perform any of the listed functions, please log in to your account using a browser.