PhotoFairy – Peng Wenjie

Photo software
It helps to take photos with devices of ISO and process the photos in the devices with the following functions:
1. Take photos. When taking photos this software automatically saves “note information” including location, creator, etc. or adds it and then saves it.
2. Browse photos. The photos can be categorized into albums in terms of date, month, year when photos are taken. When browsing the photos, their “note information” and parameter can be checked.
3. Play slides. It helps to browse the photos automatically with flash effect. The photos’ “note information” will be shown.
4. Delete photos. It helps to delete one or more photos for one operation.
5. Remove photos. It helps to remove one or more photos to the selected album.
6. Search photos. It helps to search “note information”.
7. Edit photos. It helps to edit photos like rectangular clipping, graphic clipping, color filtering, adding “note information” and showing it on photos.