Petrolka – Petrolka UAB


Do you still spend time refilling your car and wish to forget about this matter? Petrolka will help! It is online delivery service that brings fuel right into the tank of your car.
You won’t have to seek a petrol station either in a busy city, or in quiet countryside. There is no need to spend hours waiting for gallons of fuel to get into your tank. We all order food online for home delivery. Now the time has come to order fuel online to be delivered right into the tank of your car!
You simply download a mobile application, sign up your auto introducing its parameters (car make, car model, number plate, colour, fuel type) and attach your bank car. The program will automatically debit your bank account after you car is refilled.
How to order? You specify the amount of fuel, location, convenient time an add a comment to your order.
The program will automatically trace your car and map a route to it for our mobile refueling station. You will be able to trace online in your application where the mobile refueling station is. You may contact its operator if needed. You will get your fuel right into the tank in most convenient time and place!
Suppose you can’t be present at the refueling – in this case the operator will take photos of refueling your car and send them to you. We take charge of the operator’s work, fuel selling, orders executing. We see the map with routes and order history, travelling plan and money receipt. We also check troubled operators and problem orders to make our service most efficient.
You may pay either from your bank account or from virtual account in your application. Our fuel comes only from reliable suppliers and will never let you down.
Petrolka. Your fuel is on the way!