Peerz – Paid per minute chat – Peerz Inc

Peerz is a community based paid per minute chat. Inside Peerz, you can become an user, a provider, or both at the same time. A user can be a person or a business looking for answers on the most various subjects: marketing, companies, advice, etc. A provider is someone willing to provide information on a paid per minute basis.

Users post questions or campaigns to be answered by providers, which in turn will offer help. If help is accepted, then a conversation is initiated and the clock starts ticking. At the end of the conversation, the provider will receive the funds designated from that conversation time.

You can engage in conversations from your phone or web site just like if you were using any other messenger apps out there. Except with Peerz you get paid for your time whenever a user needs your knowledge.

Once you set up your account and complete your profile, including your skills and work history, we will make your profile available for users looking for help with those terms.

The idea is that Peerz works for everyone. Because information is valuable for everyone. Here are a few samples:

– Work as a recruiter and wants to help others build killing Resumes? People would be happy to pay for this.

– Have you been saving money your entire life and conquered early financial independence? People would love to learn and pay for it.

– Understand about immigration law and are ready to provide some advice to others? There is someone willing to pay for it.

– Worked as a nurse your entire life, and can help others with information on how to take care of themselves and loved ones? Surely someone wants to pay for this.

– Worked at a large grocery store chain and can help others get the job? Well, you can get paid for it.

– Do you make your living selling houses and can help others understand if they’re paying too much in the current market? Someone will save and pay for it.