Peekaboo Caravan – Norah Alkhayyal

Peekaboo Caravan is your kids events maker. If your kid graduated or today is his birthday you can use our app right now.

Peekaboo Caravan is offering you a lot of Corners and Addons. Each corner and addon is made for a specific number of kids. And each one of them is about something. One for Makeup, one for Ice-Cream, one for popcorn and a lot of other things that you can check them without even login.

After choosing your favorite corners & addons, now you can create an account and proceed to the appointment setup wizard. choosing date, time, extra kids number, extra hours and submit.

And now, you have successfully create an appointment with PEEKABOO CARAVAN for you KID.

Also, Peekaboo Caravan has his own Nursery. You can register your kid inside it. And you will receive your kid reports and data ONLINE!.