PDF Scanner Pro Version – IPCamSoft.com

Have you ever felt tired to find an application to save the full webpage for later review or reference, or combine multiple photos into one, even store the favorite photos with in-place editing tools for printing later? Here we made an application which can do that for you.
The app also is a full file management system managing files using folder hierarchy, drag & drop, editing files just like the desktop class Explorer or Finder on macOS.
The app mainly saves all your favorite websites and captured photos into PDF files. You can even send them via AirDrop, Email or any Cloud service that is supported.

Main features:
– Save a full website page into a single PDF file.
– Save your favorite photos with built-in editing tools into PDF files..
– Merge all selected photos into a single one, page-by-page.
– Integrated WebServer which enables the ability to transfer any documents between your Laptop/PC/Other devices and your iOS devices.
– Well designed using experiment that helps you easily manage all your files/folders.
– You can easily move your files between folders using drag & drop or the moving items feature.
– Many more types of file will be supported in the future.
– If you need any support or questions, please contact us via email support@ipcamsoft.com. Our support team is here for you and available online 24/7.