Parrou – Kamil Wojcik


Have you ever had a problem which shirt to wear, which camera to buy, where to go on vacation? You hesitate between two options, almost sure but still have second thoughts, any quick advice would be appreciated. Let Parrou to help you.

Parrou gives you ability to compare two pictures of your doubtful choices within one poll. Take a photos, choose category your poll fits in, create, and wait for response from Parrou community. In the meantime help others and vote on their polls from around the world.

You can create two types of polls:
● Public polls, will be visible to all registered users, they are reliable, simple to make, and will reach your voters in just a seconds.
● Private polls, could be share with others, and visible only for them. Your voters can also vote as a guests without having user account. They are also able to comment to help you make a great decision even better.

To keeps the proper flow, the number of your public polls are determined, meaning that every 10 you vote gives you one more to create yourself. In opposite, private polls are free of limitation, and could be create as many times you want. Worth to remember is that every poll lasts only 48 hours, and expire afterwards.

Want to quick increase number of polls? You can buy additional public polls, and get it without having to vote.

Besides of voting you can browse other’s polls, and what makes it super cool is variety of categories you can search through: food, clothes, electronics, entertainment, places, sport, vehicles and other. There are even more!
Sign up to monthly subscription to get unlimited access and be able to browse polls by country, or even combine them with category. Subscription also comes with unlimited number of public polls, so you can make them anytime you want. Your subscription will auto-renew after a month, but you can cancel it before end of the current period.

Help others, help yourself.