ParkingEye – Manish Bansal


Parking Eye is a handy tool to manage private and commercial parking functionality at parking lots with parking attendants. In market place sometimes or another place our car gets stuck due to a stranger’s car parked at front or back of ours car in this scenario we have no other option than to wait for the owner of that car.People circle the block cruising for parking– cruising for parking angers drivers, increases traffic congestion and air pollution, and wastes gasoline and time.It’s easier to find long traffic jams these days.

Increasing number of cars and population has led to parking problems everywhere. More often people can be seen fighting for parking space in this application Just feed in your basic information like your vehicle number, your name, your contact details etc. so that in case of an emergency you or the owner of the car can be reached via a text message, an alert or a phone call.If you see a person who Inability to speak or unconscious due to accident and he has been installed our app so our app have option to search and connect his family person through get his details on parking eye App.