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Park mobile with Parking Telecom iOS App.

Enjoy a smooth end-to-end parking experience, which gives you real time parking availability and price information, and helps you find and book your best parking space

Parking Telecom iOS App provides an easy way to pay for both on-street and off-street parking, using your mobile device. No more coins, no more fuss around extending your parking time. Simply add a credit card to your profile and your parking fee will be charged accordingly.

Parking Telecom iOS App allows you to check in and out directly with your mobile device, without using a ticket or visiting a parking office to exchange vouchers.

It offers in-app access to your bookings, parking history, receipts and profile information.

– Real-time parking availability and price information
– Bookings
– Navigation
– Parking Card
– Payments
– Check in
– Check out
– Personal and Business Profiles
– History
– Receipts
– Ratings

Download the Parking Telecom App to start parking mobile today!

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