Park – find spots on demand –


No more driving around looking for a place to park!

Possumus is redefining parking by introducing the next generation of truly smart parking meters where all functionality including real-time availability detection, traffic routing, payments, reservations, and enforcement is handled via A.I. and computer vision.

The perks of using the accompanying mobile app, PARK:

· Real-time and up-to-date parking inventory, rates, and schedules
· Find empty parking spots nearby on a map view
· Reserve a spot (on or off street) ahead of time
· No need to specify parking duration ahead of time, just pull in and pull out
· Cashless payments, many payment options available via the app
· Added safety and security updates sent to your phone if your vehicle is moved
· Validate parking at local shops and restaurants

App features:

· Select a nearby parking spot to view constantly updated rates, parking schedules, and availability
· Temporarily reserve a parking spot close by while you are being routed to your destination
· Automated, cashless, hassle-free payments
· Receive directions back to where you parked
· Track your parking expenses with a full history of your parking events
· Receive alerts in case of emergencies or if you are reaching your time limit


We are now available in Princeton, New Jersey. Please stay tuned for updates to find out when this technology becomes available at a location near you.