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Panorist is the largest photo sharing platform in development. Photos of all people are welcome. Panorist is a new social network for you to find photos taken by a photographer that you do not have contact with. Share the photos you took of strangers doing wonderful things, and they will have a chance to get this photo.

How Panorist works:
• Find photos of yourself and your friends that you did not even know existed.
• Search for photos of places you’ve been by location, date, and time.
• View photos of a particular location using our intuitive map.
• Share your photos and automatically receive a notification with all photos taken on the same occasion.
• Get your pictures directly from professional photographers at public events.
• Share your work in our Marketplace
• If you ever had taken a photo of a stranger on a special occasion, such as a wedding propposal, a celebration, or a crazy adventure, now is the time to give that person a chance to have this picture.
• Become a professional photographer using Panorist to sell your work directly to the buyer, for the amount that you choose.
• Upload your photos intuitively with predetermined parameters of location, date, time and price for albums.
• Panorist is perfect for professional photographers specialized in people, events, and conventions. If you have old photos in your HD and thought they would never be bought again, share in Panorist, than we will find your customers.
• Do not worry about payments any more: the buyer will see the pictures of him, but can only acquire them without the watermark after the purchase.
• Meet our free photo database. Share your photos and help our community to reach all people.
• Instantly share photos acquired in Panorist directly on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

Panorist is not a random photo application. Panorist cares about people. Panorist is all about You.

Read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and other important information in the Legal Section of our description in the App Store.

Continued use of GPS running in the background of the device can dramatically reduce battery life. Panorist does not use GPS in the background, unless you give us the permission by calling the option that requests the GPS.