Pair Matching – Preschool kids – Sagar Mukherjee

This is an advertisement free pair matching game for preschool and kindergarten kids . The game will help your kids to learn objects and grow recognition capability in your kid.

When presented with jumbled pair of objects, the target for your kid will be to match an object with another one. He/She will have to recognize matching one among several alternatives. Additionally, if he/she does not recognize an object, he/she can learn simply by tapping it or by playing in learn mode.
Game scores and ratings will be calculated by the accuracy in a play. Let your child

Pair match kids is a FUN, ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL game for kids under 6 yrs. It will let kids exercise their memory and sharpen their recognition capability. Children will learn to recognize objects, color, animals etc around them through playing this game. As the app has been developed by a team of educational experts and engineers, it focuses on children’s cognitive growth.

It’s simple child-friendly interface offers children an engaging way to master recognizing objects and colors around him. They will also learn to intelligently match relevant objects by playing this game. The categories of the objects are :

• Color
• Home Objects (Television, Furniture etc)
• Animals
• Fruits
• Shapes
• Dresses
• Educational objects(Pencil, notebook etc)
• Nature
• Emotions
• Numbers
• Sports
• Food
• Marine animals
• Universe

Features :
The game has primarily two modes namely “Learn” and “Play”. In “Learn” mode, there are 20+ levels. Each level has 5 pair of objects. Objects in the pairs are arranged side by side so that your kid can learn relevant objects easily. Also tapping on the objects will speak out name of the objects. Moreover, if you drag an object correctly on the object in the pair and release, it will speak it out name of the object.

In “Play” mode, there are 20+ levels. Similar to learn mode, this mode also has 5 pairs of object, but this time pairs are randomly arranged in two vertical lines. Your kid has to match an object with another relevant object by dragging one object and releasing it on top of the matching object. If your kid is confused and don’t know the name of the object, he/she can tap on the object and the name of the object will be spoken out.

Ratings will be done based on accuracy of the guesses. You can find ratings of the levels in category screen.
This pair matching game with its learning and playing activities will surely enrich intelligence and knowledge of your children in fun way. Designed to simultaneously teach and entertain, our games feature concepts created by teachers and presented on a vibrant, professionally animated platform that appeals to children in all grade levels.
This game is completely kid oriented with no complex UI and it will be helpful for your kid for sure.
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