OutSmart Business Expenses – AXADVISOR LP

Enter expenses, mileage and compile expense reports when you are on the go.

OutSmart Business Expenses solution supports offline and online work. User can enter expenses regardless current connection to internet. App synchronizes all information with Cloud server when connection is available.

Be free. Use any number of devices under one user account.
Take a picture of receipts by phone to synchronize and compile reports on tablet or PC later.
User can use any device to take a picture of receipt, enter expenses and mileage and synchronize those among other devices for later report allocation to different projects and expense reports.

Get own branded Expense app that saves ERP license cost, time of reporting expenses while minimizing issues.

Setup users outside any ERP system and push data to ERP after approval.

You can setup users without connection to any ERP user account and assign Worker to it for proper reporting. That would save your license cost a lot.
User list is centrally stored and available for adjustment in Administration web part of Business expense solution.

Take picture of your receipt and make expense record in few clicks. Save it for future allocation when you have time for report.

Review list of your expenses grouped by date and decide what project allocate it for.