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Updating purchase price automatically in the App Store – $2.99/weekly,and the first three days of the subscription are free.
1. Confirm your purchase account is correct.
2. You cannot cancel an activated subscription.
3. Within 24 hours after the subscription package expires, the account will confirm and pay.
4. Users can automatically go to the user account after purchasing a subscription.
5. After the subscription package is used, the system will automatically update and you can cancel the package that was subscribed at least 24 hours ago.
6. If the user purchases a subscription package during the free trial period, the unused portion of the subscription package will begin to charge.
You can cancel your subscription via this url:\nhttps://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

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Terms of Use url:http://s.fastcleanerme.com/pt/oppstest/TermsofUse.html