Online Campus Peevees – Muhamed Ilyas Kavil

Online Campus, the preferred choice of schools in India and Middle East has helped
in optimizing the work and processes of various institutions. This suite of web
solution for the optimization, control and management of schools with its organized
and structured software modules, has replaced many other school management
software’s in various organizations.

Build on the sound Web 2.0 technology Online Campus modules are well integrated
across functions to deliver a single window for entire operations of the institution.
The Solution features, Global Access, Separate, Secure and Customized logins for
Management, Principal, Students, Teachers, Parents and IT Administrators, Works
Even When Internet is Disconnected, Strong Reporting Features, Strong Accounting,
Designed for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), Secure and
Centralized Data, Integration to SMS,GPS, Biometrics and Library.