Oil Tanker Fuel Supply Truck – Adnan Rehman


Winter survival is hard and oil plays an important part in helping with that. With freezing temperatures & blocked roads, life seems to be all but paused. But some of us need to keep the show running.

Have you ever tried driving an eighteen wheeler in your life? Can you imagine that you can become a real trucker? If not, then don’t let your esteem down and become the king of the road by driving this monster Oil truck.

Oil Tanker Transporter Truck is for you. The aim of the game is to drive from station to station picking up and delivering oil to the petrol stations in the your city and the neighbouring cities.

How to play:
• Launch the oil tanker transport hill drive game & select the level.
• Tilt your device to turn left/right.
• Tap accelerator to move fast.
• Tap brake pedal to stop/reverse.
• Drive and park the oil tanker within the time limit to complete the mission.

Key Features of Oil Tanker Truck Drive 3D:
• Stunning 3D HD graphics.
• Realistic mountainous environment with breathtaking visuals.
• Offroad mountain terrains.
• Multiple challenging levels.
• Limited time slot to complete the level.
• Multiple camera angles.
• Realistic sounds effects.
• Real-time physics simulation.