Oil Master-Oil painting Filter – chang tian


【AI processes photos into oil paintings】

Offline Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes arbitrary photos into oil painting style blockbusters, like the works of oil painting masters, bringing people good memories such as nostalgia and missing. No longer need to upload pictures to the background server. Oil painting masters rely on Apple’s powerful local AI technology, relying on our in-depth learning algorithm to achieve millisecond experience, artificial intelligence to help you experience the beauty of oil painting. Let your unforgettable moment become an eternal art and make your beautiful portrait a classic.

【Focus on oil painting】A variety of oil painting styles with excellent effects make your picture instantly a masterpiece of art work.、
【Local algorithm】The deep learning algorithm is implemented on the mobile phone end. The picture does not need to upload the background server to ensure your privacy.
【Super fast response】The image processing speed is milliseconds, and it responds to your processing request very quickly.

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