Oasis VPN – Hotspot Shield – Tehnokratia, OOO

Use our new VPN technology to access Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, Hulu, Skype, Instagram,Snapchat and other services of your choice.

Oasis VPN is the best way to access your favourite on-line content.

Oasis VPN’s superspeed VPN servers and advanced cryptographic system make it a great choice for business correspondence, watching content online and safe surfing worldwide.Oasis VPN gives you access to all sites and apps – wherever you are – at school,on the road or at work.

Hides your IP and physical address
Protects your online activity and Wi-Fi connection
Provides you easy VPN access just in one tap
Doesn’t record nor log our users and their online activity. You remain absolutely anonymous when using Oasis VPN.
Has no speed limits – the speed of connection of Oasis VPN may be up to 10 times higher then that of other VPN apps’.