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Nukshuk is designed to guide you on your journey to Simple Sustainable Success. We believe in the power of habits. By making it easy for you to track and share your daily habits, you can hold yourself accountable and receive real-time empathetic support from people you trust.

It’s been established that cultivating daily habits leads to long term success. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, most achievements require daily discipline to accomplish. Nukshuk helps you manage your daily routines by providing a quick and easy method to check in to all of your habits in one place.

Whether you’re looking to track your health and fitness goals, increase your positivity, kick a bad habit or dive deeper into your spiritual disciplines, there is a wide variety of built-in habits to choose from. If you want to add your own habit, the app provides an extreme level of customization, allowing you the flexibility to stay on top of all of your life goals.

Inspiration boards provide a way to keep track of notes, memos, ideas and more. There is a wide selection of pre-installed boards as well as the ability to create your own. A feature exclusive to Nukshuk, AUTO Boards can be attached to habits so that making board entries automatically checks you into the corresponding habit.

Nukshuk is passionate about providing accountability with empathy. Connect with friends, coaches and others you find in the Nukshuk community to create a trusted circle of support. The sharing of your habits, boards and other personal information is completely in your control.

The Nukshuk platform allows real-time visibility to connections for habits that are shared. You also have the ability to like each other’s progress. In-app messaging is provided as well. All of these great features inspire community-building and accountability between your Nukshuk connections.

Customize the app your way, using colors that inspire you. Nukshuk has multiple color profiles to choose from and also provides a dark mode feature to reduce eye strain. You can choose the day of the week you want to start on as well. And because it’s so important to us, we will restate that you are in complete control of your privacy.

– Dark Mode
– Habit creation & check in
– Short & long term progress tracking
– Habit sharing with connections for empathetic accountability
– Analytics
– Boards for storing notes, tracking lessons learned, & providing motivation and inspiration
– AUTO Boards that are attached to corresponding habits, making it easy to complete the habit within the app (e.g. Gratitude Journal, Meditation)
– Connect with friends & others in the Nukshuk community to create a trusted circle of support
– View habits & like progress shared with you by your connections
– Real-time communications with connections
– Full control over privacy settings
– Customizable notifications & sharing options for profile, habits, & boards

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