nuhabits – Stephen T Chacko


The Nuhabits – habit tracking app enables easy habit tracking – whether you would like to improve on an existing habit or create a new habit, the Nuhabits app is ideal. Our coaches mentor and motivate you to track your progress and build on the habit.

The habit tracking app encourages self-monitoring of habits. Habits can be your own list of habits or habits suggested by speakers/trainers/coach. Our habit tracker app focuses Happiness habit tracking, success habit tracking, relationship habits, entrepreneur habits, habits to manage wellness.

1) Building a new habit: Our habit tracker allows users to choose their own list of habits, set reminder alerts and follow it regularly.

2) Analyze your performance: Our habit trackers intuitive dashboard will analyze the daily data and show the progress of habits.

3) Simple tracking: Our tracking question is simple to answer and takes only 5 minutes every day.

4) Covers all areas of life: Our habit tracker tracks all areas of life, this includes mental, physical, emotional & health area of life.

Track your Parenting skills to inculcate values and habits in your children, the Sales skill category facilitates your professional life, the Happiness category focuses on habits to increase your happiness quotient (more categories will be added shortly) and the MyHabits category monitors essential personal habits such as exercise, diet, meditation etc.

How it works:
1) Download and install the Nuhabits tracking app
2) Complete a simple registration process
3) Add a Nuhabit from listed habit category or create your own habits (you can add upto 3)
4) Update daily tracker and monitor your performance on the dashboard.