Neeshon Music – Neeshon LLC

“Neeshon” is an entertainment and media company created with a vision to provide a platform for individuals who are away from their roots to live their culture through different channels and modes. We strongly believe that “Music” has no boundaries, it connects with everyone very easily, this has led to the birth of “Neeshon Music” an internet radio app available on various platforms.

When we are away from our roots, the urge to connect back becomes very strong, we look around and try multiple things with limited impact. At Neeshon, our mission is create news ways to connect with the culture. With the raise of social media platforms there is data proliferation leading to distractions and very short focus span, impacting the connection back to the roots. This provides great opportunities for Neeshon to leverage the newer technologies to simplify the user/listener experience to strengthen the bond.

Neeshon’s internet radio platform provides opportunity for all the radio’s to onboard to the latest technology which provides HD quality audio and significantly lower operating cost.