Welcome to Nanak Love. Please step aboard the wings of Divine Nanak Love and experience the spiritual bliss every soul longs for. It is not just Simran (meditation) but a complete soul altering experience.
In Sadh Sangat, Naam Simran (Meditation) , ‘Nit-Nem’ (recitation of sacred text), Spiritual discourse and chanting of sacred Gurbani takes place at every samagam and delicious meals are served (free of charge).
In every session, souls of many seekers are charmed by the power of Divine love, devotion, celestial music, and spirit of service revealed through the practice of Naam Simran and Gurbani. Steeped in the taste of powerful spiritual love, they feel intoxicated and become carefree. This wondrous miracle is a new experience in their lives, which gives them a fresh spiritual direction and their life changes.
Join us for a soul elevating and life altering experience. Don’t forget best things in life are free- this is no exception.
Numerous souls have boarded the ‘Guru’s Ship’;
What are you waiting for?
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh

The plant of Nanak Love planted by Dhan Guru Nanak is spreading globally and radiating its sublime fragrance all over the world.
Divine Spiritual Congregations (Samagams) are being organized on a regular basis by the ‘Brahm Bunga (Temple of God) Trust’ globally. The Trust is headquartered in village Dodra in Punjab, India. In New York, local sangat/samagam is held two times a week Wednesdays 6.30-8.30 pm and Saturdays 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm formally, in addition informal sangat is held on Mondays 6.30-8.30 pm and Fridays 6.30-8.30 pm. In 2018, the annual three day samagam will be held 26 – 28 October in Hicksville NY. Regular bi-weekly samagams are held all over North America and Canada.
These sublime samagams are detailed at
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