MyPart – Natural Ventures LLC


Each of us makes small daily choices that that seem to have no significant impact on the planet.

But combine those small impacts across the entire human population, the impacts are tremendous.

That means collectively we can work together to make a difference. If we all contribute positive actions to the environment, eventually the world will change. Alone we are small, but together we are huge.

MyPart empower’s each of us to track individual effort and combine it into OurPart, which is the story of how we work together to change the world. It is this story that will propel us into seeing and believing that our individual actions are deeply meaningful to the world.

Ultimately, our mission is to impart an obsession over the environment to every human being on the planet.

In this journey to make the world a better place for generations to come, please feel free to contact us and provide any feedback or suggestions, or just say hi! This effort belongs to all of us. It is your part, my part, and our part!

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We look forward to taking this journey with you!