MyKi Auto – Tera communications SA

Track all your vehicles – cars, trucks, containers (asset) with this Application and the MyKi™ Auto device, sold separately.

Tracking function: You can check the present location of your asset, battery status and speed, at any time and browse the location history for the past month.

Footprints function: You can set a Safe Zones and be notified if your asset is where it should be and be notified when exiting or entering into a predefined zone. In addition, you can see route history, each separate trip, average and maximum speed.

History and trip info: review of each and every trip; getting trip information; distance; trip duration, average / max speed.

Geo fence: set up a safe zones where your assets should be. Receive notification once it is inside / outside the zone.

Other functions:
• Push Notifications;
• Tamper notification;
• Low Power Mode;

Cloud support.