MyFeedback 2 – Merck KGaA

“MyFeedback”, the Merck Instant Feedback Tool

MyFeedback allows everybody to ask for feedback, recognize others and answer requests to drive personal development:

– Easy to use – without complex processes
– Available for all employees as App on (Merck) iPhones in 7 languages
– Interaction in a direct and fast way is right at your fingertips

With MyFeedback, you can get quick feedback on your development progress. Especially in global team settings MyFeedback makes it more easy to ask for instant feedback. There are no complex processes behind it and it is very easy to use. You have full ownership and control of your feedback data and can decide if you want to share some of it with your manager.

Want to know more? Go to or familiarize yourself with the first-time user guide in the help section of the MyFeedback App.

Start now. Explore MyFeedback and receive your first trophy! Use this opportunity: Exchange feedback and drive your development!