MyAirProducts – Air Products


MyAirProducts Container Tracking app is designed for Air Products customers. Improve your costs and services through a simple and intuitive asset management process.
Scan and move containers with your hand held device to different points of use. MyAirProducts Container Tracking allows you to work online or in offline mode and sync to account later.
With MyAirProducts Container Tracking you can:

-Gain full traceability of your containers
-Retrieve batch number and shelf life for specific containers
-Perform a quick stock check
-Know exact quantities of empty, full and in use containers
-Identify slow moving stock
-Reduce excess stock
-Track high value containers
-Prevent loss of containers
-Avoid unnecessary rental charges
-Locate flammable and toxic containers
-Allocate containers easily between locations or departments
Download the app and call Air Products customer services to activate your account