My Private Space – guiyuan chai

My Private Space provides a stable, secure photo backup and file storage service that you can easily access and share anytime, anywhere. This app backs up your photos and videos to your personal cloud storage device, which helps reliably store those irreplaceable moments so you can free up space on your tablet or smartphone.

Storage security

Standard industry encryption, user-uploaded photos, videos, documents and other data without worrying about any privacy leaks;

Cloud backup
Documents, photos and videos on your phone can be backed up to the cloud, no longer worrying about insufficient phone space or data loss;

Private setting
For any file file uploaded, you can set a password to effectively prevent accidental access to open files and data leakage;

High efficiency transmission speed;
Upload photos and videos at great speed;
Quickly view documents, photos, videos, etc.
Search for files by name and content;
View file details and operation history;
Allow offline viewing of files;
Enable the leave lock screen feature;