My Poe GPA – Jonathan Gardocki


Here at My Poe GPA, we only use numbers. That way you won’t need to bother with letters. In fact, we hate them. Why bother calculating letters that stand for letters? It doesn’t make sense to us. So, we made a GPA Calculator to assist you in calculating your high school and college semester and cumulative GPAs.

From the initial screen, select your number of classes. On the following screen, take a quick smirk at the humorous/sarcastic/quote pertaining to life that will help you cope with the inevitable failure that you’re going to calculate.

Once you accept the incredibly “helpful” life lesson, the keyboard with pop up and you’ll be on your way. Simply input your credit and hour values using the keyboard. Remember, instead of selecting each individual text field, you can hit “Return” on the keyboard to progress to the next box. “Easy” – that’s what she said.

Also, as you don’t need to calculate your cumulative GPA, the bottom credit and hour fields can be left blank. However, make sure all the required credit and hour fields are filled in or else we won’t be able to help calculate your GPA. And don’t even try to fool us, we got you covered.