My Pets’ W.L.L group imports and distributes an extensive and complete range of products and services for pets and pet owners, including a pet shop, grooming shop, grooming tools, veterinary clinic, veterinary pharmacy and veterinary equipment.

“My Pets” is one of the leading and most well equipped animal-focused companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a fast growing loyal clientele throughout the Middle East.

The company is a family-run business founded in 2016 by father and son, both of whom have a strong passion and love for animals. With over 25 years of experience in raising and training pets of all types, the establishment of “My Pets” was, without a doubt, the next logical step to share that passion with others. This family business enjoys facilitating life for pets and their owners through a unique and dynamic up-to-date selection of goods and services.

Since its’ establishment, “My Pets” has grown from a small family-run store to becoming the largest distributor of specialty pet products in the Middle East. My Pets is truly your One Stop Pet Shop with all your needs catered to. Our ultimate goal is to raise the standards of animal products and services supplied not only in the Kingdom of Bahrain, but in the entire Middle East.