My LivingLab – Patrick Wickham


New to your area? Searching for roommates to split costs, but tired of Craigslist? LivingLab is a tool that enables you to find the best living situation possible.

By simultaneously matching you with roommates and properties, we are able to create living arrangements that meet everyone’s needs. Find active students with shared interests, or other professionals with similar lifestyles. Through a simple swiping interface, LivingLab collects your feedback and generates matches for possible living arrangements. Once you match, chat to get to know your potential roommates, and apply to a property right in the app.

But wait, there’s more. LivingLab provides an array of additional services to meet all your living needs. No time to shop for furniture or rent a U-Haul? We’ll furnish your place for you. Need someone to handle shared consumables? We deliver bi-weekly packages with all your basic needs. Looking for renter’s insurance? We handle that too. All this and more (social events!) comes with a LivingLab membership. And the best part is that by splitting costs, we make your money go as far as it can.

Don’t just take our word for it – install the app and start swiping today!