Music Star Blocks – Concentration game – Disco Azul


Become an audionaut and discover the mistery of the sounds of the universe. It is really easy! You just need to match the musical blocks. But beware! You do not have much time or fuel, and the further you go the bigger the challenge is!
You can enjoy our playlist or play using your own songs.
Music Star Blocks is free!

# MSBlocks’s rules:

1 – The game is set in space and brings 5 galaxies and 9 planets inside each galaxy;
2 – As further as you go harder it is to solve the song block matrices. The challenges are:
– The increasing on the number of songs blocks
– The need to control the fuel and the time to win a planet mission
– Aliens may be in front of some blocks to hamper you to select a block

# The game has two in-apps:

1. “Own Songs”: The app brings 40 songs. All these songs are in Public Domain or under Creative Commons licenses. Purchasing this in-app, you will be able to play using your own mobile songs.

2. “Gems”: You need fuel to go to all planets, except to the first one. This fuel can be achieved by solving each planet’s game and/or buying extra fuel. Purchasing this in-app you will win this fuel by having extra “gems” – the game’s currency.