Mushroomer: Forest Scout – Oleg Kapitonov


Hi! I am Igor Mush, an 18th generation forester. I invite you to a forest full of adventures. Here you can collect and study dozens of types of mushrooms in the most unexpected corners of the planet.

We’ll sail on canoes, head into the jungle, roam lands bound with ice and wander the desert. We’ll sell mushrooms, collect bottles and sticks, thread and other garbage and make gear out of it to collect even more mushrooms.

We’ll gather with whatever we can, from scissors and rakes to saws and combine harvesters. Along the way we’ll fight bears, hobgoblins and other mushroomers.

We’ll also get to break into chests like thieves. Invite your friends, things are a lot better in the forest with camaraderie – believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

Well, ready to go? Our friendly neighborhood bear awaits a review on the App Store. He reads every one of them and is always glad to get a good one.