MPA The Drivers App – BornToThink


The MPA presents the MPA Driver’s App.

Working with a range of partners throughout the industry such as CLOCS and the MPQC to deliver a one stop shop for professional drivers to stay up to date on all the latest information regarding their own safety, health and well-being as well as the safety of the vulnerable users they share the road with.

The Driver’s App contains:

Professional Driver – A personal profile to track your progress as you explore and digest various different touch points on the app

My Health – Aimed at increasing the awareness of both physical and mental health issues.

My Vehicle – This section has been developed to take explore common vehicle standards through interactive touch points as well as concise do’s and don’ts.

My Learning – This section keeps track of all of the driving qualifications you achieve as well as a reminder for when certain qualifications need updating, refreshing or retaking

My Library – This is a collection of all the best safety practice from across the industry.

Latest News – Whilst this app will have a wide range of resources to draw upon, rather than having to search for the most recent news, the app will highlight this for you on a daily basis.

Stay Connected – A great place for the MPA to communicate with their followers directly, bringing the social media of the MPA directly to your phones

Public Safety – This is a collection of news that might affect drivers on a daily basis.

Incident reporting – This tool enables you to report incidents to your managers and/or to CLOCS following the pre-determined form ensuring no details get missed.

Get In touch – Provides the opportunity for the drivers to update us here at the MPA on what their experience is.