Monsterscore – Fleks Holding B.V.

Do you work at Monsterscore Shopper Activation as a Brand Ambassador, Hostess, Promoter, Demonstrator, Merchandiser or another position in the field? Install and this app now!

This app ensures that you can easily communicate with Monsterscore around and on the days that you perform a job for Monsterscore somewhere in the Netherlands. You can specify availability in your own calendar, you will receive your work instructions for each job, you will receive your work instructions for each job, you will receive notifications during your job and submit your hours afterwards. All in a handy way in this App.

WE ARE MONSTERSCORE. Instore Demonstrations. Promotion teams. Sampling. Hostesses. Roadshows. Merchandising.

Monsterscore is a promotion agency with over 15 years of experience, specialized in devising and executing sampling and promotional campaigns, completing shop demonstrations, deploying hostesses at fairs and merchandisers who place promotional materials in shops. Monsterscore provides full service from first concept to execution. So not only the promotion teams, but also all ideas and accessories for successful outdoor sampling and in-store demonstrations. Monsterscore only works with its own very best field workers, promoters, demonstrators, merchandisers and hostesses throughout the Netherlands.