Monster Sushi NJ – Alan Coman


Use the app and get $10.00 off (use this discount at any time using the switch above the Apple Pay button). It’s good to be in Morristown, the culinary capital of New Jersey!

Get reward points for every meal purchased and 15% off on all orders above $100.00.

Use the app and NEVER wait in line again! Reorder in 2 seconds!!!

The app goes for simplicity and ease of use. 

This is the fastest restaurant ordering app in the world. There are no menus and complicated screens to navigate through. Click to order. Swipe left to delete. Easy!

We believe in simplicity, that’s why there are no logins or user names. Just click and order. You can order the first time without touching the keyboard on your iPhone!! Fastest $10 ever.

It is also data friendly, so no need to worry about your data plan.

You feel like there are so many delicious options? Use the search button above the menu page. It updates in real time.

The app is smart enough to remember you, so you can reorder with 3 clicks. Reorder by the time your browser loads :).

In the menu: Click to add items, swipe left to delete.
For options: click to select, click again to deselect.
Items with an asterisk can be customized. Asterisk in the menu header means you have items in that section of the menu.

You can delete items also from the cart page by swiping left. If you want to customize an item or to add an identical one, just click on the item and add comment (or press the add identical item). Once you order, you can open maps and drive directly to the restaurant. Pretty neat?

For delivery: you can check if the restaurant delivers to your address. The actual delivery address in taken from your postal address in Apple Pay or you will have to enter it manually if you don’t have Apple Pay installed.

Questions? call the restaurant from the app (Favorites or help page).
Need help with the app, email the developer from the help page.

Happy ordering!

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