Money Flow Challenge PRO – RealMatch Invest Oy


Money Flow Challenge won the best applied game awards in the Finnish Game Awards 2016 Gala.
Money Flow Challenge is designed for people over 15 years of age. It offers a completely new and fun way to learn the most important issues related to managing money. By playing you will learn
– how to acquire sufficient buffer fund
– how to make investments with extra money
– how to to make big purchases by taking a loan from the bank.

In each level you will get to know in detail the financial situation of a person or a family. The challenge is to help them to solve their financial problem while keeping their quality of life high. Numerous unexpected situations simulate the real life situations and make it more challenging to reach your goals.

The game has also virtual teacher who analyses your decisions and gives instructions how to improve your score by making better decisions in the game.

Money Flow Challenge follows Finnish High School curriculum and it teaches players what they need to know and learn about personal finance management.