Modern Firefighter Helicopter – Sunstar Technology Group LLC


The city has some of its buildings on fire, LETS GET WORKING !
Have you ever had a chance to save the day or do you ever dream to be a firefighter? Well you have got your chance because Modern Firefighter Helicopter will give you the opportunity of flying a Helicopter through different parts of the city and rescue people. Ordinary Firefighter trucks or fire-fighters can’t help at this point.
So here is the challenge to rescue the citizen and extinguish the fire from the helicopter. Look for buildings on fire and help the people in danger. Test your flying
skills in one of the best free simulator game.
The Helicopter will be parked on its helipad. After the fire alarm , truck drivers of fire department would rush to the effected area. Reach before they can to minimize the damage. Includes multiple challenging missions.


– Realistic gameplay
– Helicopters with amazing control
– 3d city environment
– Challenging missions
– Real sound effects
– Buildings on fire
– Fire due to accidents
– Sensitive military base on fire
– Rescue missions
– Public place rescue mission
– School Bus on fire
– Commercial Parking area