Modern Chase Police V Criminal – Nasir Choudry


Do you love police chase games in cars and love driving action simulation games?
In this Modern Chase Police V Criminal 2017 game you have a chance to play police chase game where you are the criminal of big city. You will enjoy playing police chasing games as a cop of the city on duty to save city and arrest Gangster running on cars.
you as a Cops will attempt to pursue, crush, and catch gangster. The fundamental motivation behind this genuine cop simulation game is to prepare the duty officers for this you have given a part of a criminal as detainee escape where you need to fulfill breakout imprison survival missions by genuine irate drive in autos.
your chase as a cop with all of your strength have to crush gangster cars by using your daring skills of driving. In Modern Chase Police V Criminal don’t get busted or trapped by gangster cars.

There is a abandoned city where police chase down gangsters squad, thugs, murderer, robber, thieves, criminals, escaped prisoners from jail and most wanted killing mafia members to end lawlessness due to high crime level to accomplish this police duty in the town police has to smash gangsters cars that have made a successful prisoner escape.

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