Miss iLLuminate endless runner – LÖVLUND INNOVATION AB

Endless runner games aren’t supposed to be boring and dull. That’s why we took the main concept behind this genre and we revamped it.

The end result is called Miss iLLuminate – a new generation endless runner game that will amaze you with a unique narrative and captivating game mechanics.

The game takes place in the hometown of Miss iLLuminate, which is completely thematic with authentic setup, genuine buildings and even trees that spice up the gameplay by adding more color and emotion.
And non-surprisingly, this is where you’ll be jumping, sliding and collecting unique and distinctive items such as:
– Magnets
– Bracelet power
– Extra power features
Our fun mobile game also comes with a variety of exciting power features that are meant to enhance your gaming experience. Essentially, they are exclusive items and abilities that give additional flavor to the game and make the gameplay truly fascinating.
And we’ve created a thematic in-game market specifically for these cool power features. This is what you’ll be able to acquire from the genuine MI market:
• Starter pack: 10,000 coins – $0.99
• Extreme pack: 70,000 coins – $1.99
• Gamer pack: 200,000 coins – $3.99
• Magnet power: 1,000 coins – By using this feature, Miss iLLuminate will start attracting coins like a magnet, but for a limited amount of time. You’ll be collecting them, no matter how far away from the coins you might be. Magnet powers are also available in the game and they are activated by running through the magnet icons that appear periodically while your character is running.
• Multiplier: 2,000 coins – This one multiplies the amount of coins you collect for a short period. As with the magnet powers, the multiplier can be collected by getting the “X” icon that will appear during your gameplay.
• Bracelet power: 3,000 coins – Bracelet power gives Miss iLLuminate the ability to fly and collect coins while flying. During the duration of this power feature, there will be no obstacles and the coins are all lined up so acquiring them is much easier.
With these brilliant power features and our convenient market, your adventures in the world of MI will be even more fun and captivating. You’ll be able to buy as many coins as you need in order to optimize your gameplay and enjoy this game in its fullest.