Mind Games 2019 – osama ezeldin

The application contains 20 different and varied exercises of mind. (We will always increase them).

There are 20 styles to play:
1-Save Places : remember all hidden squares.
2-Square Dfferent : press on different squares.
3-Memory Game : remember all same shapes.
4-Find Numbers : press numbers in ascending order.
5-Alone Square : press shape that exist one time only.
6-Differents Game : compare between squares in top and in bottom and press on different squares.
7-Save Numbers : remember numbers that exist in top from left to right.
8-Save Shaps : remember shapes that exist in top.
9-Math : Solve mathematical issues to the nearest integer.
10-Wall Clock : Solve clock issues.
11-Where Ball : Press on square that has ball.
12-Arrow Game : press on arrow that exist in down the most exist in center.
13-Arrows Movement : Press on arrow that exist in down Which refers to the movement of squares in the middle.
14-Compare Shapes : Press on shape that exist in down the most exist in center.
15-Number of Balls : Press the number that represents the number of balls.
16-Cascading Boxes : Save the order in which the boxes appear.
17-Different Square : Press the different Square in the size or color.
18-Digital Clock : Solve Digital clock issues.
19-Find Numbers : Find the desired number Then press it.
20-Find Shapes : Find the desired shape Then press it.
more soon

Some advantages:
-Multiple levels.
-Matrial colors.
-Increase focus.
-Leaderboard and achievements.
-Memory control.
-Challenges System.

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