MHQ Workplace – Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated

The MHQ App provides information about the McDonald’s office building to:

• students at Hamburger University
• participants at conferences hosted by McDonald’s as well as conferences hosted by other organizations
• people working in the building
• guests in the building

The purpose of the MHQ App is to provide an easy way for first time visitors and guests as well as workers to access information about the building and surrounding area.

Accessing the App: Visitors and Guests can log in by clicking “Login as a guest” and providing their name and email address. People working in the building can log into the app using their work credentials.
Note many features require the person to be present in the building to work correctly.

Using the App:

Visitors to the building can:

• Navigate their way to a specific place in the building using maps and/or turn by turn directions
• Find beverage bars, rest rooms, amenities on the ninth floor (City View Room and Bar, Cloud Nine Fitness Center), and other services in the building all coded using different colors.
• Find Points of Interest located in the building (e.g., artwork, historical artifacts)
• Locate information about public transit options including:
o Divvy Bikes
o Metra Rail from various stations including Union and OTC
• Provide suggestions about the building environment as well as likes and dislikes.
• Find general information about accessing Wi-Fi, Visitor Parking, and entrances to the building

People working in the building can use the MHQ App to do everything a visitor can do plus:

• Request that the temperature of their work area be cooled or warmed
• Reserve and check into a conference room

This app is for anyone visiting or working in the building. Any comments, please use the Feedback button in the MHQ App!