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meter it is a universal toolbox that aims to measure as much as possible with the integrated sensors of an iPhone in an easy to use interface. The first version comes with 14 integrated meters, and more will be added over time. meter it allows you to have up to 8 meters per screen page and up to 10 screen pages (PRO feature).

meter it currently measures:
* Altitude (GPS): current, minimum, maximum altitude over ground
* Relative Altitude: current, minimum, maximum difference in altitude via changes in atmospheric pressure and absolute altitude via GPS calibration
* Google Maps Altitude: current altitude over ground provided by Google Maps
* Atmospheric Pressure: current, minimum, maximum, average atmospheric pressure
* Speed (GPS): current, minimum, maximum, average speed over ground
* Trip Time: time in motion, stop time, total time
* Compass: magnetic and true heading
* Course (GPS): current heading
* Coordinates (GPS): GPS coordinates of the current location in different formats
* Live Map: map with option to show current position in the center
* Location Info: clear text information about the current location updated every minute
* World Time: current time in 437 locations worldwide
* Distance: distance travelled
* Battery: current state of the device’s internal battery

Stay tuned for many more meters to come!

We also love to hear from you about how you use the app and which features you would like to see in future versions.

Thank you for using meter it!

* Not all meters are available on all devices, as some devices do not have the necessary hardware sensors to collect the respective data.
* meter it is programmed to be as energy efficient as possible. But continuous locations updates with a high precision can drain the battery quickly. This is not a bug in the app but lies in the nature of current technology. We recommend to connect your device to a power source if you intend to use it for a longer period of time.