MEN OF JOY – Richard Dent


The MOJ Church App features edited podcasts of the brief messages delivered by our various leaders each day in our daily, virtual, one-hour services. Podcasts and subsequent dialogues (housed in the “Barbershop” section of the app address all types of relevant life situations including but not limited to financial stress, divorce issues, baby mama drama, work related situations, joblessness, marriage issues, infidelity, depression, failure, issues with our children, being single, aging and what to do when we give in to our temptations.

Who are The Men of Joy?
We are a nationwide, non-denominational, virtual, Christian church for men. We follow the bible based teachings and direction of the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
Our men come from every ethnicity, socio-economic background and walk of life. Our church membership is composed of imperfect and flawed, adult men with adult challenges, working to “be better” for the benefit of our families and loved ones. In the vein of Ephesians 2:8 we are sinners, saved by grace.
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The MOJ App was created by the legendary Cizotech Agency of Ahmedabad, India.