Meet Joey – Mert Nesvat

1 – You’re invited to Joey’s party and will be talking with Joey’s friend.

2 – If you don’t for 3 mins then you’ll be switched to another person.

3 – It’s not a dating app, just for people who want to meet with people. (Please don’t misuse the app otherwise you might find yourself banned!)

Long story short, quoted from influential writer Jeremiah Dalman,

” People are like books. There are some you would want to hold on to for the rest of your life, some that you could not afford to finish reading because of consequent disinterest, some that you would want to read over and over and just doesn’t seem to get boring. In every person is a whole lot of story, which then would explain the maxim, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Fair enough, right? Until one has picked up a book and read from beginning thru end, one cannot be certain with the conclusion it holds. “