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Currently available in Norwegian only. More languages will follow soon.
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If you can breath you can do MediYoga! Calms both mind and body anytime and everywhere. 

Most yoga sets are easy to do and some can even be done on a chair. A MediYoga set always includes exercises for body and mind using breathing-, focus-, mantra-, yoga-,and meditation- exercises. We have developed MediYoga by research together with the healthcare. This is a practical toolbox for your health. Choose a set with a special aim or pick any startup set to get your own experience of MediYoga. 

We have yoga sets for patients, athletes, kids, parents, seniors or just to manage a stressful day. Research shows that MediYoga sets increases focus, concentration and peace in mind. Decreases stress, heart rate and pain.. MediYoga – for mind and body. Time to be happier and healthier. 

MediYoga- Because everything is connected.