Medicated Pete Prank Pack – Rebel Applications, LLC

Soundboards with over 100 Medicated Pete phrases including:

“What are you into?”
“What are your interests?”
“Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications.”
“Do you want to hang out at the library?”

Medicated Pete does the talking, but YOU control the conversation!!!

Includes Ten (10) Minutes of the FULL Prank Packer Package:

Call Worldwide • Record Calls • Play Sound Effects

VoIP Calling
-Call anyone…from anywhere!
-Connect with Wi-Fi
-No wireless carrier needed
-Superior quality
-Lowest rates
-Perfect for travel

Record Calls
-Unlimited call recording included
-Save recordings to the app or to the cloud

-Drop Loads of Sound F/X!
• Barks
• Bombs
• Burps
• Barfing
• Farting
• Snoring
• Clapping
• Peeing
• Pooping
• Poltergeists
• Sirens
• Zombies
• And many, many more…