Media Mixer – Media Editor – Kishan makani

New Age Media editing app that will help you beautifully showcase your mobile photos in to memories, funny video maker!

Media Mixer is providing free media editing features like reverse video, Merge video, trim video, slow motion effects on video, user can extract audio from video clip and add their own sound to video, user can create photos memories with awesome background sound.

– Want to create fun movies out of your friends, family videos, photos and audios?
– Need a powerful and easy tool to promote your brand on social media?
– Planning to be turn social media celebrity?

Share photo, music, video and Download media’ s to your camera roll without loosing your media quality.

Fully customisable video, audio and photos features :
– Merge Video
– Reverse Video
– Trim Video
– Slow Motion
– Create Memories
– Photo Editor
– Add Sound
– Extract Sound

Merge Video :
Very simple and quick merging like choose videos and merge together in single click
add your custom sound to merged video

Reverse Video :
Play your videos backward with Reverse Vid!
Load it, reverse it, play it.
The quickest and easiest way to reverse your videos.
Select your videos with original resolution
Press reverse button and save it.

Trim Video :
Best video editor to Trim, Cut your videos or movie clips.
Advanced, Frame by Frame video Trim, Cut.
Select your videos with original resolution
Press Trim button and save it.

Slow Motion :
Apply slo-mo effect on your video
Edit video speed up to 16x faster. Or 16x slower
Adjust video speed from particular frames

Create Memories :
Turn your memories into movies. Easily create video slideshows set to music using the photos
already on your mobile device.
You can edit image with awesome filter, add text on image etc.. and add it to your memories

Photo Editor :
You can edit image with awesome instagram like filters, text on image etc.

Add Sound
You can create short movie and add your custom recorded sounds in it.
You can add background music or your own voice recording to your video.

Extract Sound :
You can extract audio from video by just one click, and add this sound to another clip like funny